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Whether you’re more of a Tammy Curry riding your thresher while the heavy vibrations help you think or a Becky Leeman singing “Can't Take My Eyes Off of You”, you can be the newest President of the Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club with this Drop Dead Gorgeous iron-on patch. 


Approximately 3” round, fully embroidered, iron on adhesive back.

To apply patch:
1. If present, remove paper backing
2. Place in desired position with adhesive side down on fabric on a heat resistant surface such as an ironing board.  Cover with a tea towel
3. Using iron on high heat with no steam or water, press iron onto the patch/ tea towel firmly while moving iron around for a few minutes
4. Remove the tea towel and check the patch around the edges. If there are still parts that did not adhere to the fabric, repeat the steps above
5. For better durability, stitch onto desired item

Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club Drop Dead Gorgeous Patch