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Leah Bubeck, her hedgehog Rolly, and the Rollyhog Embroidery machine in 2019.jpg

Leah, Rolly, and the Rollyhog machine in 2019

Our Story

Rollyhog is a small Los Angeles based embroidery and textile business owned and run by Leah Bubeck and, formerly, her beloved pet hedgehog Rolly.  Leah began working in machine embroidery in 2017 on a single needle home embroidery machine in her bedroom.  Everything really took off in 2018 when she upgraded to a 16 needle machine and the world of custom large scale patches, jacket backs, hats, and more opened up.  Leah typically spends her days working in film & television, and knows the value of a fast turnaround with great quality embroidery, and very quickly became a go to vendor for many tv shows and films. 

After 5 years of building up a strong client-base and stock of original designs, in June 2022 the Rollyhog studio was destroyed in a fire.  Nearly all machinery, threads, hoops, materials, and stock was lost forever. 2022 has been a year of rebuilding, and Leah has been working hard to get back up and running and ready for any custom orders.  Currently Rollyhog is operated out of Leah's living room while the studio is rebuilt, and she is ready to get back into making your embroidery dreams come true!

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